Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Feb. 28

Took the queries test tonight. Feel like I did OK, since we had a good review beforehand, but we'll see.

Pete seemed a little distracted tonight for some reason--a little more scattered and disheveled than usual? (I'm not the only one who noticed). Been up a while Pete?

Enjoyed a beautiful pink sunset behind Pisgah out the classroom window, though. Not to say I was looking out the window and not paying attention, but there was a little down time while everyone completed exercises and practiced queries.

Just checked out my blog and I have 8 posts. It's hard to believe we've had 8 weeks of class and it's already the end of February. Weird how time flies.

So the whole joins and relates concept with tables seems pretty straight-forward except for the few caveats that will probably solve themselves with time and familiarity. Only question I think I'll have once I get more into it is knowing which table to relate to which--as in, which direction to join or relate. And I'm sure that will be determined by how the data is being used, but I know the direction probably won't always be interchangeable. Like I said--caveats that will be resolved with experience.

By the way, Edward is a very sneaky photo pirate with his tiny camera.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Especially tired tonight, but made it through the tutorial with my sturgis raster image matched nicely to the forest roads, see? And for your veiwing pleasure, I will add the images I couldn't get uploaded last week. I realize now I was in Edit Html mode instead of Compose so the images weren't projecting--learned all about projecting images tonight. I do want to become more familiar with the Datum formats and coordinate systems.

Here's my lovely NC counties map with the scale bar I made for my friend, Reed, who will plot on it the results from a woodrat habitat survey he did. Hope it gets published.

Hey Pete, if you see this, will you post the supplemental power point from class either on the AB Tech black board or on your GIS Blog where we can access it?

Everybody ready for the Query Quiz next week?
See ya then.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

so I'm happy

Didn't have time to post during class last night, so I'm catching up from home this morning. But why won't my map jpg's upload from my flashdrive? All I'm getting on the blog after upload is a bunch of text. Oh well.

Did pretty well on the exam, so I'm happy about that. Had plenty of chocolate cake with my SO after class, so I'm happy about that. The book exercises were really a drag. Seems like they didn't contribute to any real product--every map we created, we just erased to make a new map. Seems the previous chapter exercises all compiled into one big final map, which was a bit more rewarding than just going through the motions in chapter 6. Anyway, I did get the NC counties map I wanted, so I'm happy about that.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

GIS feb 7

Here's the wonderful percent hispanic population map from the chapter 5 exercises! I actually finished this time! But I moved through the steps so quickly and mechanically, I'm not sure how much really sunk in. I'll have to spend some quality time with the text to sort it out, I suppose.
Test tonight was OK. I think I did pretty well--missed the shapefiles question (how many files), and was a little uncertain about what, exactly, the arrows were pointing to at the very end, but I still think I squeezed an A.
Thanks for the dumdums, Pete.
I added a link to Edward's blog (the "other" GIS blog), so check out his "moving pictures."