Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Annotations! Show Excitement! Or Emotion!

Here's my regional annotation project map. I could agonize over the size, placement, color, font of every letter of every label and the symbol style, size, color, placement, too. But I'm not. I'm done. Well, I'm not done, but I'm stopping. I feel pretty good about this one--better than the last one. Probably because this map was a familiar type of map and I could use maps I've seen as models for this one.

Now I'm going home to study for the test next week.

Good Luck everybody.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Browse your fonts

Tonight Pete told us to browse our fonts. He said "font" enough times in a row during lecture that it started sounding funny--like a dirty word!

I'm really enjoying this class soooo much more than the database class. Only thing missing is Edward.

Tonight I learned to store relative paths to eliminate data source problems. When I save maps to 9.2 version for working on at home, the source settings don't transfer and I get annoying red exclamation marks on my layer titles.

We're also starting to do annotation, which is the best way to label features--but I have to remember it's a DATA FRAME feature--NOT a layer property.

More soon, I'm sure.

Landslide Map

Here's my landslide map.
Wish we'd learned about labels before making this one.
Curious how it'll look printed.