Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Browse your fonts

Tonight Pete told us to browse our fonts. He said "font" enough times in a row during lecture that it started sounding funny--like a dirty word!

I'm really enjoying this class soooo much more than the database class. Only thing missing is Edward.

Tonight I learned to store relative paths to eliminate data source problems. When I save maps to 9.2 version for working on at home, the source settings don't transfer and I get annoying red exclamation marks on my layer titles.

We're also starting to do annotation, which is the best way to label features--but I have to remember it's a DATA FRAME feature--NOT a layer property.

More soon, I'm sure.


Edward said...

Awww, wish I could fonting be there and enjoy the fun. I do not miss the fonting tedium though. Font that all to hell. Very nice landslide map. If I live on one of those parcels, I would get the font outta there!

Marynell said...

tee hee.
you should see some of my classmates' maps! makes me look like a real amateur. I'm learning, tho.