Thursday, October 18, 2007


Well fellas.

I have to say so long. I hate it, but it's true. Took a tumble that put me down for a good while. I hope to be back next time around, but it depends on progress in physical therapy. I had lots of fun while it lasted--the dream class for sure. Just the right amount of not too much snarkiness, and plenty of levity. Good luck with the program, and keep in touch. I sure can use the distraction about now. I'll check in now and again to witness the awesome cartography you're sure to crank out.

Later, taters.


Edward said...

Mary, you will surely be missed. We are already moping around the dim, chilly classroom without your bright, warm influence.

NoMo' said...

Hey Mary, hope you're healing up ok. Sorry to here about your accident. I thought it was supposed to be bad luck to walk under a ladder not to climb one. Come by and see us some night! - Ben