Tuesday, August 25, 2009

One More Time

I'm BAaaaaaack. Again
I'm back in the saddle, and feeling better about my productivity level this time around. Some of the things I learned two years ago are coming back. I had to drop the course when I fell and fractured a vertebrae. Having taken 215 in between certainly helped.

I selected by attribute, location, I buffered and clipped. I navigated downloads and zip files, and I added attribute fields and used a field calculator, all in the first lab! Whew! My homework will be to create a report with the ESRI report tool, which is new territory for me.

Now I need to remember how to save my file created in 9.3 so I can work on it in my 9.2 version. May need Pete's help with that.

More soon, I'm sure.


Edward said...

Hey, Mary's back! Unfortunately, I'm not there to enjoy the fun... Good luck and keep Pete in line.

Marynell said...

How did you know?! Have you been looking for my beltsander blog all this time? or do you subscribe?

Keep PETE in line?!? HA!

Edward said...

Mary, I check your blog every day in hopes of finally seeing a new post. Years of loyalty have finally been rewarded!